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Do you want an auto posting software? Do you want to set up your ads once and let it run forever?

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Solutions The Bot Provides

#1: Auto Posting

You will be able to set up your inventory once and let the bot run and auto post.

#2: Multiple Accounts

You will be able to use multiple accounts so you can target different things. For example, you may use 2 accounts to buy phones, 2 accounts for selling, and 2 accounts for repairing.

#3: Targeting Neighborhood Cities

You can use our software to target multiple cities around your neighborhood. This allows you to target different markets so when someone is searching for your item, they can see it if they search within 10 miles in a different city.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will the bot ban us?
We have developed systems to help avoid and delay bans. Depending on the item your posting, ban times may vary. If your posting items that follow OfferUp terms and services, you may never get banned.



Will the posts get flagged?
Their is a difference between flagged posts and bans. If the item gets removed, there are so many posts going up, it doesn’t even matter if it gets removed.



Is this software expensive?
Absolutely not. A while back, we sold this software for $250/month. Plenty of our clients like it and begged us for it.


How can I make money with it?
After purchasing, if you want advice, we have worked with many members in the industry. So we understand how our clients are making upwards of 10-20k/monthly using our software.